Travel Tips for Mongolia

Travel tips for Mongolia will help you travel safe and pleasant. The packing list for traveling to Mongolia will help you to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure tour in Mongolia.  And we tried to include the most useful information about Mongolia when you travel in.   


The weather in Mongolia is very variable, so you need to be prepared, even if you travel in summer. So, we’ve made this travel tip checklist for your trip to Mongolia. If you forgot something, there isn’t much chance to buy them once you’re on a tour to the countryside, so you need to buy them in Ulaanbaatar, before you head for the countryside.

This packing list will help you to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure tour to Mongolia.

Please click here for detailed packing list.


Mongolian cuisine is mainly dairy products and meat with fat .  So, the most typical rural dish is cooked mutton. Nowadays,  there are many great international restaurants and coffee shops available in UB. Vegetarian meals will be available in most restaurants in Ulaanbaatar. 

More about Mongolian food please click here


By air:  Nowadays getting to Mongolia is becoming easier and easier because there are several airlines that fly to Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar) directly from Korea, China, Russia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Germany (via Moscow) and Japan.  

Links for airline companies:

  1. www.miat.com
  2. www.aeromongolia.com
  3. hunnuair.com
By train:

The most popular train route is Trans-Siberian Railroad  and it’s one of the greatest travel adventures for travelers.  There trains to/from Moscow and Beijing starting from Ulaanbaatar.  

Here you can find international train table: https://www.mongoliatraintickets.com

By bus:

There buses from Ulan – Ude, Russia to UB and from UB to Ulan – Ude.  The bus departs at 7:30 am every day at Dragon bus station.  

And there are local trains from UB to Zamyn – Uud(border town) which departs at 4 pm and arrives a following day at 7:30am  and then cross Mongolian and Chinese borders  by bus.  You’ll be able to buy the bus tickets at the train station in UB. 


Almost all nationalities must have entry visas to Mongolia and you can get visas at the Mongolian embassy in your country. If there is no Mongolia embassy in your country then one month visas can be obtained on the spot once you arrive at the airport or at the border check. There visa fee will be around 68US. We will be able to provide an official invitation letter through immigration office here in UB once you confirm your tour booking with us. 

How to apply your visa to Mongolia please click here

For more information about visa to Mongolia: http://consul.mn


There are many hotels, hostels, guesthouses for every budget in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  In the countryside, you’ll be able to stay at yurt (ger) camps or nomadic family spare yurts for guests.  Also, there are simple hotels in towns of every  provinces with mid-arrange prices.   Please note that washing facilities aren’t great in the countryside specially if you stay with nomadic families.  Our tour company works with almost all major hotels and guesthouse and hostels.  So, you’ll be able to book your accommodation in UB through us. Because we’re the best adviser as we have a lot of experience working in the tourism field.  By the way, if you book tours with us for more than 10 days we include UB stay in the tour package. 

Packing list for Mongolia
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