Lake Khovsgol and Central Mongolia tour

Tour description

Lake Khovsgol tour covers the Central and Northern parts of Mongolia. 

Lake Khovsgol is a beautiful, unique environment and an extraordinary travel experience. Because of its unique flora and fauna and fascinating nomadic way of living, Lake Khovsgol is well worth the journey.

You enjoy visiting a historical site of Erdenezuu temple museum, enjoy the natural hot bath, and admire the outstanding view of the lake Khovsgol.

Overland trips | Lake Khovsgol
Boaters on Lake Khovsgol enjoying the clear blue waters.

Tour details

Total distance: 2200km;  

Tour length:  9 nights, 10 days

Route:  Ulaanbaatar  – Khogno Khaan mountains –Erdenezuu temple museum – Tsenkher hot spring – Great White lake – Zuun nuur – Lake Khovsgol – Khutag Undur – Amarbayasgalant temple -Ulaanbaatar


Camel riding for an hour, horseback riding at the lake Khovsgol for a day, see wild horses, visit Erdenezuu temple museum and Kharkhorin archaeology museum, enjoy the hot bath in the yurt camp made from natural hot spring, hiking, climbing the sand dunes, and experiencing local family daily life style

Difficulty:  moderate

What to bring:

Wind breaker or waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, sweatpants, sweatshirt, long sleeves shirts, cap, swimming suits, personal toiletries, head or touch lamp, and sunglasses. For detailed information please click here


  • Transportation
  • Fuel
  • English speaking tour guide/cook
  • National park entrance fees
  • Camel riding for an hour
  • Horse riding for a day
  • Accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary
  • 1.5L drinking water a day per person
  • Full board(9 breakfast, 10 lunch, 9 dinner)
  • Tents
  • Mattresses 
  • Sleeping bags


  • Accommodation in UB
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal toiletries
  • Tips for the driver and the guide
  • Visa fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcohol drinks

Lake Khovsgol and Central Mongolia tour itinerary

Day 1: Khustai National park and Semi Gobi

Visit Khustai National park and see wild horses called “Taki” also, it’s known as Przewalski horse. After lunch, we’ll drive to Khogno Khan mountain, a perfect place for walking, so it’s great for spotting ibex, wolves, and many varieties of hawks. Spend the night in a family’s spare yurt. 

Day 2: Kharkhorin-Tsenkher hot spring

We ride camels for an hour after breakfast and then drive to an ancient capital Kharkhorin to visit Erdenezuu temple museum.  

After the museum, we drive to Tsenkher hot spring.  We will spend the night in the tourist yurt camp because it has a perfect natural hot bath, so you’ll enjoy taking a hot bath. 

Day 3: Great White Lake 

The National park covers 28 square kilometers including Togoo Uul 2.240 meters above sea level and the lake is called Terkhiin Tsagaan.  For the night, we stay in a local family’s spare yurt. 

Day 4:  Khorgo volcano

Hike from the lake to Khorgo volcano for a day and enjoy the fantastic scenery from the top of the volcano.  Stay in the same family’s spare yurt for guests.

Day 5:  Zuunnuur 

On this day, we head to Lake Khovsgol but on the way, we’ll sleep in tents near Zuunnuur in order to avoid long driving. And you’ll have an experience of camping with pretty suns

Day 6:  Lake Khovsgol

– From Zuunnuur to Khatgal village, Khovsgol province. 

Khovsgol National park covers 8.381 square kilometers including the Lake Khovsgol.

It has been protected since 1992. And Taiga forest has Euro Asian otter, beaver, moose, reindeer, argali, Siberian ibex, snow leopard, red deer, Siberian roe deer, and many other wild animals. A family spare yurt for the night. 

Day 7: Horseback riding

Horseback riding day by the lakeshore and enjoy the magnificent view of the area.  We’ll spend the night in the same family’s spare yurt. 

Day 8:  Khutag – Undur

Camp near Khutag Undur village and you’ll enjoy the scenery while we’re driving, so you can stop for pictures as many times as you want.

Day 9: Amarbayasgalant temple

It is one of the most interesting Buddhist temples. Overnight in a yurt camp.

Day 10: Ulaanbaatar

Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Tour prices and dates

Advantage of this tour is you’ll meet many people from different parts of the world and make friends with them.  Also, you’ll be able to have the best price of the tour.  

If you want to book a private tour with your family or friends, please contact us.

Great White lake | Khorgo volcano | Mongolia
Khorgo volcana near Great White lake in Arkhangai province

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