Mongolian Yurt/ Ger

Mongolian Yurt/Ger

The Mongolian yurt/ger is one of the oldest dwellings in a nomadic lifestyle.  Ger is the Mongolian word for home, while yurt is the Russian one and the most used internationally.  Basically, the frame of a yurt consists of a center ring (toono), rafters (uni), lattice walls (hana), a door and its frame (haalga) and 2 pillars. Besides, there are top and side covers, inner and outer linens, intertwined camel or yak wool ropes.  Gers are portable and they are easy to assemble or disassemble, that makes them the most convenient portable homes in the world.  Nowadays, most Mongolian nomadic families live in gers across Mongolia.  Gers have many different designs depending on the region of Mongolia.  And many tourists love to stay in gers while visiting Mongolia.  Read  what westerners wrote about gers and more on

Assembling a Mongolian yurt

A yurt/ger is the easiest portable home to assemble. There are two stages in order to assemble gers.  First, assemble the wooden frame then cover it with the linen and top and side felt covers.  

First, lay the circular wooden floor. The wooden floor has several pieces in order to make it easy to carry.  Families in urban areas usually use a wooden floor for their gers. The families that move often don’t usually use wooden floors. 

Then, put a center ring, chest of boxes (avdar) and other heavy items on the floor or ground.  

After that, attach the lattice walls to each other and encircle them. Then bind it to the door frame. 

Next, bind the pillars to the center ring and then lift them stand on the pillars supported by two people. 

And then start sticking the rafters to the center ring.  After the assembling is done for the wooden frame, cover it with an inner linen and then place the top covers.  Next, place the felt side covers. 

Finally, place the outer linen and then tighten with ropes around it in 3 rows.

If you want to stay in a Mongolian ger visit this link.

Assembling a ger

Dos & Don'ts in the yurt/ger


  • Sleep with your feet pointing towards the door
  • Always enter the yurt/ger with your right foot
  • Proceed to the left as you enter the yurt/ger
  •  Say “Hello” (Sain bain uu) when you first arrive.
  • Sit on the bed or stools in the left of the yurt/ger
  • Accept the offerings of food and drinks. 
  •  Don’t pass or receive objects between pillars.
  • Don’t whistle inside the yurt/ger
  • Don’t lean against the pillars
  • Don’t stand on the threshold when entering the yurt/ger
  • Don’t touch anyone’s hat or head
  • Don’t pass or receive anything with your left hand.
  • Don’t enter the yurt/ger with your bag or luggage
  • Don’t step over food or objects on the ground in the yurt/ger
More about other Mongolian customs about dos & don’ts, please visit the following website:
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