The Semi Gobi - Khogno Khan mountain

Semi Gobi | Gobi Desert
Erdene Khamba monastery

Semi Gobi is between Ulan Bator and Kharkhorin and it’s a wonderful place to take break or stay over night.  And it’s called “Mongol Els” which is about 80 km long.   You can see Khogno Khan mountain to the north of the main road between Ulan Bator and Kharkhorin.  It’s about 285 km to drive.  If you don’t have enough time to visit the Gobi Desert in Mongolia then this place will be perfect to experience the Gobi and ride camels.  At the southern foot of the mountain are the ruins of Ovgon Khiid, built in 1660 and destroyed by the armies of Zungar’s  Galdan Bochigtu, a rival of Zanabazar’s.  The monastery reopened in 1992 and there are few monks.  The head of lama is a charming lady who introduces all the history of the monastery and about Buddhism.  

It’s a great place to go hiking.  If you’re lucky enough you might be able to see some wild animals such as ibex, mountain sheep, wolves, and many varieties of hawk. There you’ll be able to ride camels or horses.   There are plenty of tourist yurt camps and nomadic families offer accommodation.  You can visit there anytime of the year because the infrastructure is the best for Mongolian standard. But still make sure you have everything for your travel.   Information about packing for Mongolia learn here.

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