The Thousand Camel Festival

The Thousand Camel Festival in the Gobi desert introduces the tradition of camel breeding and herding, and it’s in Bulgan county, Umnugovi province.   A local non-governmental organization aims to protect and preserve the Bactrian camel population and organizes “The Thousand Camel Festival” in Bulgan county, South Gobi province, Mongolia.  Also, the festival aims to celebrate and promote the cultural heritage of Bactrian camels and winter tourism growth in Mongolia.

The festival includes 2 types of camel races, Camel-Polo, and some other competitions related to camel breeders’ cultural heritage such as training of untamed camels, making ropes from camel wool, and loading.  And there is a folk concert by school children from the county.

The festival is held annually March 6-7 for 2 days at Bulgan county, South Gobi province, Mongolia. 

Camel Festival
There are several teams compete with certain chores with the tradition of camel herding. This team is making a rope from camel wool they just cut from the camel.
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