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We customize Mongolia event tours for the following trips with events.  Please contact us for specific request on customizing a tour only for you. 

Wrestling Event on Khongoryn Els Mongolia event tours
Mongolian traditional wrestling

Naadam Festival, July 11-13

Naadam Festival is the most widely celebrated festival in Mongolia. The festival comprised of the “Three Manly Sports”: wrestling, horse racing and archery.

One thousand twenty-four wrestlers compete on the green wrestling field. Matches happen without a time limit for the match and no weight division to pair same size wrestlers. Mongolian wrestlers wear the traditional Mongolian boots and special clothes for wrestling.  The Zodog-a small open-fronted vest that looks too short and tight Shuudag-shorts.

There are 6 different categories of horse racing depending on the age of the horses. The riders, both boys and girls are aged from 8 to 13. They ride the distance of the race which ranges from 15-30kms. Archery, originating from the era of Genghis Khan is the oldest sport in Mongolia. Traditionally, this was only a men’s sport but archery is now a contemporary sport for both men and women  who compete in separate divisions. Male archers shoot for a target on a 75m range while female archers shoot for a target on a 60m range.


Lunar New Year, in February

Lunar New Year is celebrated at the end of a severe winter, the beginning of the spring and start of the new year by Lunar calendar.  The celebration lasts for 3 days.  Each family cleans every corner of the house and their yurt on the eve day.  During the holiday, everyone wears new clothes and each family makes lots of food and beverages as a symbol of being clean, wealthy and happy in the coming year. In the morning of the first day, Mongolians make a special greeting “Zolgokh” which means younger person is showing their respect to the elders.  During these days Mongolians eat traditional cuisine and drink airag(fermented mare’s milk), and exchange gifts to each other especially to the children.

Celebration of the Lunar New Year in Mongolia in a family ger with some of our guests.
Guests visit a local family during a celebration of the Lunar Year