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Mongolia has an extreme continental climate with long, cold winters and short summers. There are 257 cloudless sunny days a year and is known to the world as a country of “The land of Blue Sky”.

Seasonal special

Spring: Early spring, especially in May, is known for its windy days. The average temperatures in May-June in the South of the country (Gobi) are +15+20C during the day and +10+15 during the night. In the north half of the country the temperatures range from +10+15 during the day and +5+10 during the night. From the ancient time spring is auspicious season to welcome newborn young animals in nomadic life. Stresses out when hear the baa of young animals, smell fresh country air, feel warm sunny blue sky and little chilled cheek in herder`s campsite.

Summer: Mongolian summer attracts a lot of guests. Warm weather, blue sky, green steppe cowered by livestocks, galloping horses in wild nature, glorious sunshine, smell of milk products are figure of summer. Also in July, Mongolian people celebrate a big traditional holiday, Naadam Festival which is famous by “Three games of men”. Summer from mid-May to mid-September is usually warm with average temperature of + 24 to + 30. There are short rains in July and early August. On some days temperature may go above + 30 which can be felt hard, especially in South Gobi region. In summer time weather can change from bright sun to thunderstorm and back again several times in a day.

Golden fall is calm season when temperature is not so high around +15 to +20 Celsius. From the late of August nomadic people begin preparing for winter or hoarding food, mow for their animals. If you are visiting to Mongolia in August, may you can see “Golden Eagle Festival” in western part.

Winter: Though winter last from November to March, - 30 Celsius real cold lasts only one month, from mid-December to January. The rest of winter temperature fluctuates around -10 -24 Celsius. In Mongolian tradition, people count the winter time by nine “nines” or 81 days. Each “nines” has special features which connects Mongolian nomadic culture. Our staffs would be pleasant to introduce about that. Late of winter, Mongolian people celebrate “Tsagaan sar” or “White moon” holiday which is important part of Mongolian nomadic culture. Also it`s hard to imagine Mongolian winter without “Ice Festival” of Khovsgol Lake, the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia.

Generally, visitors to Mongolia should be aware of, is the drastic drop of temperature from day to night. It is strongly advisable to carry a sweater or even light jacket towards the evening. It can become especially chilly at night in South Gobi.
Winds are a regular feature of Mongolia, with rarely a day without a slow breeze of 4-9 meters per second. In summer cool winds come mostly from north- west and west bringing in some relief from summer heat. However, sudden collision of warm and cool air masses results in sudden heavy rains. We make a point of having raingear ready at all times.

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