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About us


We’re the people who take care of my guests from the arrival until the departure from Mongolia. And because we built strong relationships to ensure customer satisfaction at every step of the trip, our customers enjoy genuine experiences during their tours. So, if you choose to book one of our adventure tours you’ll experience a unique and authentic nomadic life style, feel soothing wilderness, and enjoy stunning scenery of Mongolia. We offer excellent personal caring service with the best price.

Our guides always try to give all the information that you're curious about and support you to discover new places and customs of Mongolia. They try to make your trip unforgetable. Every single guests will be able to experience  a unique and authentic nomadic life style, even you'll be able to herd their livestocks or learn to cook some typical foods with them One of our the most important cares are the food during your trip.  You'll be able to try typical Mongolian traditional food and other types of food that suits to your stomach.
We're from the Gobi Desert originally so, we're pretty popular arranging tours to the Gobi Desert and our company name is KHONGORYN ELS which is one of the biggest dune's name in South Gobi province in Mongolia. Camping is a great way to travel in Mongolia and you'll need good tents as the weather in Mongolia is unpredictable. So, we provide comfortable spacious tents for the tour.  Also, we have good camping equipments when you'll need them. Mongolia is a huge landlocked country and in order to see the places you'll need to drive hours, so you need a driver who knows the roads well and good at fixing his vans or jeeps.  We have great drivers who have great skills and fun.


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Address: Sukhbaatar district, Seoul street, Building #14B, Apt #38, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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