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This trip will let you discover the most beautiful landscape of Mongolia including central and northern part of Mongolia which is a major destination for both Mongolian and international tourists.  In this trip, you'll combine enjoying history, religion, and landscape of Mongolia.

Route: Ulaanbaatar - Khustain Nuruu National Park - Khogno Khaan - Kharkhorin /Erdenezuu/ - Tsenkher hot Spring-Great White lake- Zuunnuur lake- Lake Khovsgol-Uran togoo-Ulaanbaatar

Total distance: 2100kms

Tour length:  9 days

Capacity: 2-15 people

Tour price:  All prices are for per person

















Horseback riding for a day and camel riding for an hour, trekking, hiking, visiting a nomadic family, visiting Erdenezuu temple museum.

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Day 1 We'll to drive to Khustain National Park for 100kms which was established in 1993 to protect Mongolia’s wild horse, the takhi, as well as the reserve’s steppe and forest-steppe environment. In addition to the takhi, there are populations of maral (Asiatic red deer), steppe gazelle, deer, boar, Pallas's cats, wolves, lynx, marmot and some 223 species of birds. Then we’ll continue driving to Mount Khogno Khan Nature Reserve. The mountain is home to hundreds of birds, deer, and gazelle.  We'll spend the night in a family ger.
Day 2 We'll drive to Tsenkher hot spring via an ancient capital Kharkhorin.  We'll visit Erdenezuu temple museum and Kharkhorin museum from an archilogical dig. We'll stay in ger camp and enjoy the natural hot spring bath. 
Day 3 We’ll drive to Great White Lake and Khorgo Volcano. Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National park was established to protect the spectacular mountain scenery and endangered species of fauna and flora. The area has extinct volcanoes, many beautiful lakes, a great number of animals and birds, and is definitely one of the best natural tourist attractions. Khorgo is a unique natural complex (2240 m), National Park surrounded by the Khangai Mountains, which is 3000 meters above the sea level. In the craters some of them are very tiny crystal- clears lakes. The Khorgo crater, situated at an altitude of 2.210 meters with a diameter of 20 meters and depth of 70 to 80 meters, is the most stunning. We’ll stay at nomadic family ger.
Day 4 We’ll go hiking from the lake to Khorgo volcano for a day. We’ll enjoy the fantastic scenery from the top of volcano. We’ll stay in the same family ger for guests.
Day 5 We'll drive to Zuun nuur lake near Shine Ider village. Zuun Nuur is a salt-water lake situated about 2000 meters above sea level and it can be really cold in the evening even during summer. And it’ll be a nice break before we reach the Lake Khovsgol.  We'll stay in a tent.
Day 6 We'll drive to the Khatgal village of Khovsgol province. Khovsgol National park covers 8.381 square kilometers including the Lake Khovsgol and its watershed, the Lake Basin, and parts of Zunii Saran Mountain. It has been protected since 1992. The Taiga forest has Euro Asian otter, beaver, moose, reindeer, argali, Siberian ibex, snow leopard, red deer, Siberian roe deer and many other wild animals.
On this day, we’ll go for horseback riding for a day by the lake shore and enjoy the magnificent view of the area.  We'll stay in gers.
Day 7 We'll ride horses for a full day by the lake and visit a local family to have our lunch.  You'll be able to explore their living conditions. We'll stay in a gers.
Day 8 We'll drive to Uran Togoo which is an extinct volcano in Bulgan province. We’ll camp in tents.
Day 9 We’ll drive back to Ulaanbaatar.



Transportation with fuel
Guide /cook/
Entrance fee for the National park
Accommodation at nomadic family ger or Ger camp
Full board
1.5L of drinking water per person a day
Horseback riding

Alcohol drinks
Personal toileries
Tips for drivers & guides


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